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Patricians, Paternalism, Free Riders, and The Guillotine

Tim Worstall at the Adam Smith Institute blog is not at all keen on Polly Toynbee’s “very patrician idea” that the government is there to provide “entertainments” and “diversions”.

“And what really grates is that at least the Romans insisted that it was the patricians that paid for the bread and circuses, Polly‚Äôs insistent that we must be charged for what she insists we must have“. [My italics]

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Hobbesian solutions to Hobbesian problems

Emily Skarbek, lecturer in political economy, Kings College London, Tweets a plug for her new course:

“Smithian solutions to Hobbesian problems? Fall 2015 Constitutional Political Economy begins now!”

Very interesting, I’m sure. But these “Smithian solutions”, assuming they exist, would be quite superfluous.

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Decisions, decisions

This was written as a response to a reader’s query at Libertarian Home

A reader asks: “What is a stateless society and how are decisions made in this type of society?” As the asking was done anonymously via the search bar, I don’t know if what follows will be satisfactory, but I hope it is at least somewhat helpful.

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How to get eaten by bears

In the well-known story, Goldilocks, lost in the woods, happens upon a house. Opening the door she finds three bowls of porridge on the dining table, and, being awfully hungry, sits down to eat. The first bowl of porridge is too hot and the second too cold, but the third bowl is just right. Hunger pangs all gone, Goldilocks is overcome by tiredness and goes in search of a place to rest her head. The first mattress she finds is too hard and the second too soft, but the third mattress is just right. As she sleeps the bears whose house it is return home, and being less than amused to find Goldilocks there, pick every last morsel of flesh from her delicate bones. Thus Goldilocks, trespasser and thief, learns her lesson – albeit a little too late to do her any good.
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