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Why I was sacked by @LibertarianHome

Honestly, I did a lot of things that could have gotten me the boot (hostility to commenters; visciously criticising bodies that LH was professionally involved with; being openly contemptuous of fellow ‘writers’; my “nihilism”; the post that was nothing but pictures of Golden Retrievers, etc etc) but, incredibly, what did for me in the end was voicing the opinion that the suicide bombings in Brussels, being a little out of the ordinary, were kind of a big deal.

Having been informed of my error, I did try to play the rĂ´le of ‘libertarian tough guy’ in this prospective post:

Imagine there’s no Terrorism Privilege

This morning Brussels, the capital city of Belgium and the beating heart of the European Union, was rocked by two suicide bombings. This shocking event brings into sharp focus the huge problem that Europe faces, a problem that has for too long gone undiscussed: Terrorism Privilege.

As we watch the drama unfold on our television screens, Twitter timelines, and Instagram feeds, it’s all too easy to get swept up in feelings of nationalistic hysteria. But we must remain calm and rational. Yes, dozens of people lost their lives today, many were seriously injured, and many more will have had their lives changed irreparably for the worse, and that’s a real shame. But the hard truth that this terrorist atrocity has brought to light is that there simply aren’t enough Europeans being killed in terrorist atrocities.

The racist and scientifically unfounded belief that people who have different genealogies are genetically different has so poisoned contemporary Western discourse that we have become blind to the terrorism that happens elsewhere. But everyone is equal and all lives matter. The fact is that we in the West are much less in danger of being blown up by terrorists than are people in other parts of the world. This is our privilege, and we must make every effort we can to atone for it.

Since all people are equal, it is only fair that we all suffer from terrorism to an equal extent, so the first step – very small yet vital –  is to start importing and/or homegrowing many times more terrorists than we do at present; the current numbers clearly aren’t cutting it (or stabbing it, or beheading it either). The call must go out loud and clear for terrorism equality. After the initial step has been taken, governments must work together at every level to engineer  worldwide “terrorist redistribution” so as to fully achieve this goal.

Bottom line: Unless we in Europe succeed in bringing in a lot more terrorists, the terrorists will win.

Also Donald Trump is Hitler.

But to no avail, sadly. And so this Problems with Girls, and Vice Versa will be my final post for Libertarian Home.