I’m so fisking. You already know.

I have a commentary on Gender and Freedom, an incredibly stupid and appallingly written article that makes me embarrassed to be associated with Libertarian Home. The quoted text is verbatim if you can believe it.

Longtime readers (if there are any left) might feel a wave of nostalgia wash over them, as I relive the days of Bogpaper trollishness. A sample:

Gender, genitals, sex, sexuality… What is the essay meant to be about? Should we just toss a coin? But, yeah, sure, rocking a pair of great pendulous bollocks shouldn’t hold you back from being a strong, confident woman. If anything, they’ll help. You go, girl!

Enjoy! Or don’t. Do whatever feels comfortable. I don’t want to put any, like, pressure on you. Because I respect you, yeah?

Libertarianism is a Social Construct


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