Ill coordination

I found out about the Liberty Matters Jasay forum via this Peter Boettke post at Coordination Problem. In it, the Professor says that “Liberty Matters is hosting once again a very interesting discussion dealing with the work of Anthony de Jasay.” Now I haven’t read this other one, so as you would imagine, reader, I went looking for it, but drew a blank.

So I sent Professor Boettke a tweet, to see if he had a link to the earlier discussion. He replied with a link to the current one. I thanked him, and asked again about the earlier one, but drew a blank.

Anyhow after a bit more searching I’m fairly certain (sadly) that Professor Boettke was thinking of this 2008 edition of Cato Unbound, a symposium on Jasay’s “Is limited government possible?” which, like the Professor says, is indeed a very interesting discussion of Anthony de Jasay’s ideas.


3 thoughts on “Ill coordination

      1. That the site “Coordination Problem” blows up in a browser with privacy guard settings(15 tracker violations) is good indication of what I think of Boettke and the relevancy of his methods.

        Put differently, the cypherpunks are more relevant social philosophers than the classical liberals


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