The parable of the restaurant

“For Sir?”

“The chicken.”

“And Madame?”

“The soup.”

“Very good. Your meals will be served shortly.”

“For Sir, the chicken.”

“Thank you.”

“And for Madame, the chicken.”

“I ordered the soup.”

“From the menu?”


“The chicken is on the menu.”


“Well, Madame can hardly complain. She ordered a dish from the menu; chicken is a dish on the menu.”

“We’re leaving.”

“Certainly, Sir. Allow me to fetch your coats.”

“What is this?”

“Your dessert, Sir. The cheesecake.”

“But we didn’t order dessert!”

“You can hardly complain, now can you?”

“What on earth do you mean?”

“Well, if you didn’t want the cheesecake, you should have ordered the tiramisu.”


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