Yo dawg, I heard you like Libertarianism and attending conferences…

Libertarian Home will be hosting a session at the Liberty League Freedom Forum 2015. The topic is “Making change in your lifetime”, speakers TBC (although I think anti-identity card campaigner, Guy Herbert, is penciled in).

Other liberty-positive sessions at #llff15 include:

• A social democrat explaining that the problem with social democracy is that it isn’t social democratic enough

• An introduction to laissez faire economics by a promoter of activist central banks

• An honest-to-God Bolshevik talking about feminism

• An “introduction to anarchism” by a man from a think-tank that has spent the last thirty years advising governments on how to be better at governing

• A discussion about an old document having to do with privileges handed out to various aristocrats by a king and how it relates to democracy

• A state socialist talking about threats to liberty

• An egalitarian who believes that everyone has an equal right to be equally happy explaining how society has the duty to bring about his preferred state of affairs

Good stuff.

So if this sort of thing appeals to you as much as it does to me, you can find out more here at the internet’s least “mobile friendly” website.

Update Anthony Evans is a good sport.



2 thoughts on “Yo dawg, I heard you like Libertarianism and attending conferences…

  1. I think you worry too much about the material. Politics and governance and too a great degree organized religion all strive to imprison humanity in one way or another. Whatever one gains from this world is lost the moment the body burns to ash. So why concern oneself much with ephemeral things? It may be a recipe for poverty, but it may be one for riches you can take with you.

    ” He showed him his true battlefield, where each man must fight alone. You must learn to see with the same eye, a mound of earth and a heap of gold, a cow and a sage. There’s another intelligence… Beyond the mind.


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