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Decisions, decisions

This was written as a response to a reader’s query at Libertarian Home

A reader asks: “What is a stateless society and how are decisions made in this type of society?” As the asking was done anonymously via the search bar, I don’t know if what follows will be satisfactory, but I hope it is at least somewhat helpful.

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More patents, more problems

Pfizer should congratulate itself on this talented piece of regulatory capture, first by extending patent laws for a drug already invented, then by forcing doctors to override their usual right to prescribe generically and change their prescribing habits for the sole purpose of protecting Pfizer’s patent. This is no different from a structural engineer specifying a particular strength of RSJ steel joist, and being instructed to specify the manufacturing brand due to patent issues.

Dr Zach Cope on patents and regulatory capture. Read the rest here How Pfizer could patent bondage gear

Yo dawg, I heard you like cosy chats and fighting for change…

Here’s the blurb for Libertarian Home’s Liberty League Freedom Forum 2015 gig. You can find out more here

“A cosy chat with three leading libertarians about how they fight for change and how you can too. Part strategy brainstorm and part career advice, this session will help you find a path that suits you.

We will be joined by:

Guy Herbert – General Secretary of the successful No2Id campaign. Guy has direct experience of taking a “cross-partisan” campaign all the way to Parliament.

Brian Micklethwait – Samizdata blogger and the original Libertarian Alliance pamphleteer. Brian has helped to educate and focus the minds of many libertarian activists.

Charlotte Bowyer – organiser of this year’s Liberty League Freedom Forum and Digital Policy Researcher at the Adam Smith Institute. Charlotte is presently where many of you might hope to be in a short space of time.”

How to get eaten by bears

In the well-known story, Goldilocks, lost in the woods, happens upon a house. Opening the door she finds three bowls of porridge on the dining table, and, being awfully hungry, sits down to eat. The first bowl of porridge is too hot and the second too cold, but the third bowl is just right. Hunger pangs all gone, Goldilocks is overcome by tiredness and goes in search of a place to rest her head. The first mattress she finds is too hard and the second too soft, but the third mattress is just right. As she sleeps the bears whose house it is return home, and being less than amused to find Goldilocks there, pick every last morsel of flesh from her delicate bones. Thus Goldilocks, trespasser and thief, learns her lesson – albeit a little too late to do her any good.
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