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Contracts for contracts (for contracts)

The only proper role for government is a crucial one — to uphold contracts voluntarily entered into by consumers and businesses. Without such a role for government, there would indeed be chaos and anarchy. Advocates of “Net Neutrality” want us to believe that turning the Internet into a public utility will inaugurate this role, when the government was already playing that role all along. The real and only possible purpose for this rule is to ensure that government sets the terms of contracts into which customers and businesses would otherwise freely enter.

Dr Hurd, quoted in a post at Samizdata.

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Abolish hospitals

I like nothing more than watching my fellow man suffer needlessly. In this I am, of course, no different from anyone else in the Liberty Movement; the biggest – possibly sole – attraction of which being its cruelty. Cruelty to ethnic minorities, cruelty to women, cruelty to homosexuals, and, above all, cruelty to the poor. These are the watchwords of the Libertarian, these are his goals.

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Why not go to the pub tonight?

And hear free market anarchist, “celebritarian” and tireless promoter of Libertarian Home,  Brian Micklethwait speak about what libertarian activism can achieve.

(Usually I don’t mention these Libertarian Home meetups because I assume that if you read Strict Liberalism you read Libertarian Home, too, but I suppose I should start. So I’ve started. There.)