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Are you ready for some equality?

This post appears at Libertarian Home with an incredibly misleading picture.

The Superbowl is a noisy, bewildering event where, over the course of what feels like an eternity, teams of men dressed like medieval knights on a ‘dress down Friday’ from the waist up and Freddy Mercury on any given Friday night from the waist down, gather in a field to kick a ball/throw a ball/catch a ball/drop a ball/run a couple of meters with a ball and then stop doing anything for about five minutes, until, at long last, one side loses as much interest as the rest of us and gives up, leaving the winners standing about in their great big T-shirts and skintight sparkly trousers while roughly €8bn worth of fireworks go off, and fans of both teams go down the pub to drink to forget that they paid all that money for a ticket and had to use up a holiday day to boot. Football! Catch the fever!

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