First the moon landings, now that dude’s shirt?

If I were one of those embarrassing libertarian conspiracy theorists, I might be wondering if that science guy’s shirt wasn’t a false flag operation [I don’t know if I’m using that term correctly – like I said, I’m not a conspiracy theorist] to distract the (stereo-) typical science loving libertarian from the huge waste of taxpayer money involved in planting a rocket on a star or whatever that science guy did [Or maybe didn’t do. It could all be a CIA hoax to get us addicted to chemtrails! Wake up sheeple! Just kidding. I don’t even know what chemtrails are], and get them caught up in arguing about some social justice warrior nonsense instead. “Yeah, forget how much it cost. Forget how much was stolen to pay for it. Think about what a triumph of the human spirit it is! These bloody femi-nazis! Pouring cold water on the human spirit!” [It is not a triumph of the human spirit. It is a triumph of state propaganda. And if you are a libertarian who makes an exception for space stuff, you have fallen for it, and you should be ashamed.]

Of course, this theory falls apart at the very first hurdle: no one cares what libertarians think, especially not governments.


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