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I still can’t believe I wasn’t signed up by Breitbart London!

Comments under an article about an Italian nationalist politician ‘joking’ about setting fire to immigrants with a flamethrower:

“A flamethrower? We need one of those at Calais to hold them back.” [He adds a picture of a man using a flamethrower]

“Gotta love those Italians, they have style.”

“[Just a picture of a man using a flamethrower]”

“In trying to suppress any and all knowledge many considers [sic] controversial, the Illuminati to have control over the Vatican archives [He adds a link to what is, presumably, a very long article]”.

This lot would go mad for me, surely?

A Half-Truth, Not a Halfway House: National Independence and You

The fifty-five percent of the eighty-five percent of the people who were allowed to vote in the Scottish independence referendum and actually did so, has decided that the UK is indeed “better together”. Or – what is apparently the same thing – Scotland has decided that it should not be an independent country. For a lot of libertarians this has been, and still is, an issue of great importance. So much so that the victory of the No campaign has even led to some conspiracy theorizing – although when roughly one quarter of the Scottish population is employed by the British government and another quarter lives off British state pensions, bringing in MI5, the CIA, Mossad, and shape-shifting lizards to ‘explain’ the result is probably overkill. Fantasies aside, secession is thought to be an inherently liberal thing, and national independence movements something we should get behind. But why should this be?

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