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A note on “limited government”

This is my comment on this article on Libertarian Home. After 6 or 7 attempts at posting it with no success, I remembered I have my own blog and I don’t have to put up with this “Invalid Security Token” bullshit. Anyway, as it’s about “limited government”, it’s not out of place here:

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The thing! The thing itself is absurd!

Politics in a nutshell:

Peter has a banana. He says that eating it would leave him feeling “pretty good”.

Paul (who does not have a banana) says that eating a banana would make him feel “on top of the world”.

Peter says being dispossessed of the banana would leave him feeling “a bit gutted”.

Paul says if he were to receive a banana he’d be “over the moon”.

If we subtract “a bit gutted” from “over the moon”, we are left with “chuffed to bits”; and if we subtract “pretty good” from “on top of the world”, we are left with “tip top”. As “chuffed to bits” ranks higher than “pretty good”, and “tip top” ranks higher than “a bit gutted”, not only are we justified in taking Peter’s banana and giving it to Paul, we are morally obligated to do so.

If trends continue…

It’s only human to look for patterns, to attempt to impose order on events. But how much damage has been done to the prospects for liberty by the ready acceptance that what is happening right now will continue forever? It seems that at least some, perhaps even a significant amount, of the support for ever-bigger government can be attributed to it.

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