One of life’s little ironies; or, No, you’re the fundamentalist!

Abortion is fine and dandy because a foetus is only a collection of cells and tissues; opposition to abortion can be blamed on the holding of some or other embarrassing, outmoded, religious belief.

But what is a man if he is not only a collection of cells and tissues – unless God breathes a soul into him at birth?

And if a man is only

In the pursuit of happiness

The other day the hashtag “I’m hard Left” trended on Twitter, and, as you might expect, it attracted some rather ironic, and amusing, responses. One of the sincere tweets (I don’t recall the author) went something like this: “I’m hard left because I dare to demand fairness and equality for everyone in one of the richest countries in the world”. To “dare” to “demand” this, with the full knowledge of all that this “demand” demands – bravery like this is sadly all too rare these days, is it not?
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