You might not like where that argument leads

Don Boudreaux misses a trick here I think.

If the sight of the wealthy spend, spend, spending is a “negative externality” for poor people, and as such requires state intervention in the way of an extra tax levied on the rich, shouldn’t we call for an extra tax on the poor, too? After all the sight of them just scraping by, constantly watching every penny must be a “negative externality” for rich people, which itself must requiring immediate government action. There’s really no reason to stop the argument halfway.

(I owe a debt to Walter Block for this point.)

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Wendy McElroy vs ‘libertarian’ voters

But a libertarian senator would be a lesser evil, it is argued. He would be a good politician. Nonsense. It is not the particular man that is objectionable; it is the position of power itself.

Wendy McElroy on voluntaryism

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I still can’t believe I wasn’t signed up by Breitbart London!

Comments under an article about an Italian nationalist politician ‘joking’ about setting fire to immigrants with a flamethrower:

“A flamethrower? We need one of those at Calais to hold them back.” [He adds a picture of a man using a flamethrower]

“Gotta love those Italians, they have style.”

“[Just a picture of a man using a flamethrower]“

“In trying to suppress any and all knowledge many considers [sic] controversial, the Illuminati to have control over the Vatican archives [He adds a link to what is, presumably, a very long article]“.

This lot would go mad for me, surely?

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